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Alan Steane

Artists Statement.

For as long as I can remember I have always done some form of creative art expression.

During the last 30 years I have been self employed as a painter and decorator, sign writer, adding with this into a direction focusing on all things decorative and artistic.

This also led to my studying  to achieve my Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts and taking my work one more step further into all things ornate, decorative, restorative and larger scale art.

By setting up business in an industrial area I can also accommodate larger and more diverse works that I am working into.

My main fascination in art is “the human state” that we are born into. Its own limitations, frailties, as well as having no limmitations, the aim for perfection or the unhindered open free expression without societies acceptable rules we are expected to adhere to.

For many years I have challenged myself with sketching or oil painting the human form , figure and portrait to a superior realist impression. I would say I have achieved that closer to the level I was aiming for yet the desire for the human state of life is leading me to a more surreal version to lead the viewer on their own choice of story. I have also used the current TAG theme of this month to paint some themes outside my normal style of art so I hope you enjoy.