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A new group Whitework/ Embroidery has commenced under the guidance of Jen Lohs in 2020. This group will run on 1st & 3rd Tuesday afternoon of the month 1- 3.30pm. NB due to recovery from Covid-19 restrictions, our volunteers are not back to full strength yet, so this will be offered in the morning, 11.30am - 1pm, rather than afternoon for the month of July.   

1st Tuesday/month, afternoon– Whitework tutorial sessions tailored to interested members/non-members – to include notes, activities, book resources and face to face discussions/demonstrations, together with materials/paper notes available for purchase if desired. These would be pre-planned sessions and a calendar could be worked out if required. Whitework is a diverse embroidery genre encompassing numerous stitches, techniques and medium. I thought this could be a way to begin and see the interest.
3rd Tuesday/month, afternoon – more casual general embroidery mornings to include follow up discussions on planned sessions or bringing in UFOs. I would be happy to discuss, demonstrate or help nut out embroidery genres other than Whitework on these days. Again, book resources could be made available for perusal and/or materials could be available for sale with prior notice. I could bring a general supply box for incidentals.

 Paper, Scissors - ROCK!   craft group continues in 2020 with Leonie Tidey volunteering her time to facilitate a fortnightly group and also sharing her knowledge of Papercraft, to be held on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month 10.00 -12.30. Leonie has Papercraft supplies to purchase.

This group is designed to provide a venue for crafty people to meet and "do their thing" whether it be papercraft, crochet, knitting, beadwork, macrame, embroidery, weaving, or whatever other crafty thing you like to do, with like minded people. It will be self directed and open to those who are members /non-members alike.
Tea/coffee will be available - bring a treat to share! Come along and use this wonderful Gallery - it's for the community to enjoy. All are welcome.
 Creative Knitting  2nd and 4th Wed of each month 10am-12.30, this group is for all those who love knitting, and is fascilitated by our President, Sue McDonnell. All crafts are welcome on this day as well.  A yearly knitting event is held every June at the Gallery...Worldwide Knitting in Public Day. At the gallery one of our lovley members has supplied  leftover wool and knitting needles for anyone who needs a hand to get started. 
 World Wide Knit in Public Day is second Saturday June each year.