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Accomplished artisan, Angela Prochowski, has made a huge collection of items for her featured display. With crochet hook in hand and enough colourful yarn to get lost in, please expect to be dazzled by her colourful pieces. 

From Angie herself...

I am honoured to be showcased in the Featured Artisan Exhibition at Tilligerry Art Gallery, and proud to be part of such a great community of talented people.

From a young age I have enjoyed being creative and making things. My Mum and Grandma taught me how to crochet as a young girl, when I was 7 years old. I used to crochet dolls clothes for my sisters and their friends, and then later as an adult, crocheting for my children and grandchildren, and friends.

After I stopped working, I found I had more free time to start crocheting a lot more and have enjoyed getting back into it. And then since joining the TAG gallery, it truly has become my passion and a way of relaxation. I really enjoy crocheting and being creative again, and then sharing that with others makes it even better. I love seeing the smiles on those I make things for, especially when it’s a special request and they see it come to life.

Over the years I have built on my skills, and widened my crochet horizons and projects, learning new techniques and stitches along the way, and becoming more confident in trying new things. I braved the internet and started watching YouTube tutorials, following new patterns, and even making up my own unique designs and patterns. It’s a hobby that has grown into so much more over time. I love sharing that with others and love all the new friendships it has brought with it.

Welcome to the Tilligerry Art Gallery! Hope you enjoy my crocheted goodies and all the other items we have here on display.