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CANCELLED Watch for News& Events announcements. This workshop may be offered at a later date.

Drawing Workshop : Graphite Techniques Continued

The level is suitable for most abililties, however,.participants need to be adults

**Registration and payment to be completed before Wednesday 16 October

Facilitator – Linda Camac

Venue – Room 1 Old School, Kenneth Avenue, Lemon Tree Passage

When – Saturday 19 October 10am-1pm

Cost - $30

For more information please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What the workshop will cover:

As with the previous workshop, drawing techniques will be explored using various grades of graphite. These techniques will be expanded on and the participants, hopefully, will finish with a drawing that utilises these techniques.

Requirements: Essential:

  • A3 size drawing cartridge with a smooth surface (eg Ancol, Derwent, Quill)
  • Paper stump (or torchon) for blending
  • Various grades of graphite pencils, but definitely B or 2B F, 2H, 6H and Mars Lumograph ‘Black’ 7B or similar carbon pencil (General or Wolf brand)
  • Good quality vinyl eraser – NOT a putty rubber
  • NT craft knife with a wide blade or rotary sharpener (eg Carl Angel 5 or Boston)
  • Fine grade automotive sandpaper for refining the pencil point
  • Sheet of tracing paper for protecting your drawing from smudging

*Attendees can bring their own pencil collection if they have more than listed.


  • Small stencil brush
  • Soft flat ferruled Hake brush for  removing pencil grit/crumbs or a large feather will suffice.

*Please bring the required art materials as this enables the workshop to run smoothly without interruption and the time to be used more efficiently with a more satisfactory final result.


  • Backing boards if required, scribing tools and the subject/image for attendees to draw.
  • Morning tea

Evaluation Sheet:To be completed at the end of the workshop.