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Introducing TAG Gallery's latest Featured Artisan, Beth Raftery.

Within the last year Beth Raftery become a new member of the Tilligerry Art Group where she displays her paintings, jewellery, and pottery.

Throughout Beth’s life she has enjoyed many hobbies and crafts and in the beginning concentrated mostly on oils, painting still life and people in flowing fabrics and hats.

 In her twenties she sought tuition for colour mixing and learnt to paint using only  six primary colours which can give you clean crisp colours like the old masters, and tuition to create a story using shapes and colours used mostly in many of the famous old masters was of great learning experience which she still likes to use. She enjoys painting copies of the old masters for the exhibitions at several galleries.

Cake decorating in the past has now become useful in her new craft of pottery, and the Australian wattle featured is a spinoff to this as the texture of clay and icing is similar. Flowers also are similar. A love of making Asian style pottery is usually featured in her displays.

Twenty years ago fossicking for gemstones featured in her life and each winter she travels with her husband around many areas of Australia fossicking for topaz, garnets, sapphires, zircons, amethyst, citrine, smokey quartz and many more. Most of the gems displayed are genuine but it is necessary to cut and set man made stones to give variety of colour, these are named on tag and they include cubic zirconia, created sapphire, created aquamarine and others.

 It then become necessary to learn to facet and set her own gems as external cutting was quite expensive. Beth spent several years learning the techniques of this trade and has a passion for designing and creating unique jewellery in one off pieces and displays them here at Lemon Tree.