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Gelli Plate Printing Workshop

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate


If you want to learn a completely different skill and a fun and exciting print making technique, then this workshop is ideal.

This workshop could appeal to a range of people interested in printing techniques including textile artists, quilters, multi-media artists and card makers. 


Facilitator:  Wendy Nutt

Venue: Tanilba Foreshore Hall, Tanilba Avenue, Tanilba Bay

When:  9.00am – 4.00 pm Saturday June 22, 2024

Cost: $50

Bookings may be made at the TAG Gallery, Lemon Tree Passage or via Eventbrite on following link.


Brief description of workshop:

You will learn the Gelli Plate print making technique. You will use plants, ferns and grasses to create interesting, vibrant and unique pieces of art.

You will also learn about texture, colour and pattern.

Materials List

NB If you make online purchases, give yourself enough time for the

items to arrive.

  • • A5 size gelli plate or similar- available from art supplies or online*
  • • 10cm lino roller - preferably soft, although a hard one will do
  • • Paint palette or mixing tray
  • • Acrylic, perspex, acetate, glass (tape around edge) or similar surface to rest the gelli plate on
  • • Smooth papers such as printer/copy paper and drawing or cartridge , old book pages, junk mail, etc. for printing onto
  • • Fabrics - also smooth. Fine silk will pick up the most detail Quilters’ cotton, and other fine fabrics are also suitable. *Wash and press all fabrics
  • • Baby wipes - alcohol free
  • • Kitchen paper
  • • Masking tape
  • • Scrap paper for covering work as you print. Anything recycled is good
  • • Paint brushes - old brushes, they don’t need to be anything special
  • • Water pot
  • • Printing blocks, stencils, lace curtain, string
  • • Plants, ferns and grasses - these need to be quite flat and without thick stems or sharp pieces that could damage your gelli plate

Look for leaves with interesting shapes and textures. These can be flattened in a book.

  • • Table cover - plastic tablecloth or similar - a blockout curtain is ideal and gives a good surface without any pattern to distract you from your printing.
  • NB A note from Wendy..... I have secured twelve small gelli plates for use by workshop participants. If people would prefer to try before they buy, this gives them the option. Acrylic paints will also be supplied.

Supplied:.Morning tea.

Required: Lunch and water bottle.